Just because you’re in Relationship doesn’t means you’re in “LOVE”

Yes you have a girlfriend, you may take her on date, buy her expensive gifts, call each other by cheesy names ,go for movies , you might have even slept together . But does that means that you’re in love ? 

The answer is NO, Simply because you’re in a relationship doesn’t always means you’re in love. Understand that love and relationship are not the two faces of the same coin instead they are two different coins. To love is one thing and to be in relationship in another .They are two separate things. Relationship is a boundation but love is free from all worldy boundations.

Love is the freedom of soul ,peace of mind and joy of heart. If you truly love someone being or not being in relationship does not matters. In relationship you’ll have breakup, patch up, dating and what not but in love there are no such terms and conditions. Rather you can say love has no definition. It is not of the world of form. Even if you fight , even if you never get to see your partner or may be your love is one sided, your Love maybe incomplete but it makes you complete.

Love is timeless. It is who we are after our bodies disintegrate and all the stars go in the sky, it is what that remains.

You don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy or feel loved. Understand this. I’m sure it’s a beautiful feeling to have someone to love you and take care of you. Those midnight texts and warm hugs may be comforting but that doesn’t means that you go around searching for that special one and then randomly step into someone and enter a so called “Relationship “.

Everyone is getting into relationships and everyone wants to be in one. And the main reason behind this is loneliness. You see your friends and cousins dating someone . Busy with their bf/gf. You too feel  the the urge of having someone in you life and this loneliness drives you into the trap. You aren’t considered grown up if you haven’t had bf/gf in your life at least for once. But at the end everything is just fake, the love and the promises.

Being single does not bother me anymore, being in relationship but not being in love does,and that’s what I fear. I know people who are in relationship for the sake of being in it, I know people who think it’s cool to have a bf/gf  to remind you that you’re being loved. I also know people who are entrapped in a relationship. Of course there are people who are happily together but there are people who are together just to flaunt their togetherness. There are also people who in order to prove their so called “Love” blackmail their partner emotionally .They do not hesitate in causing harm to themselves, attempting suicide, cutting their wrist in the name of love. And their partner might think that it’s very cool and this guy is ready to give his/ her life for me so she loves me truly. But wait, is it love?

No this is Obsession not love, This simply shows your immaturity and not, courage .Mark my words.Love never takes life but it gives us a new life, it makes life worth living. It is very easy to finish your life and get rid of all troubles and pains but it takes guts to live for your Love. To sacrifice your Love. Not everyone can do it. Secondly if you do not love yourself ,you’re ready to kill yourself then you can never love anyone else. Think about it.

Love never kills, expectations does. In true love there should be no expectations. Nothing to win and nothing to lose. You cannot force someone to be in your life, if he really loves you he’ll surely come to you. People say ‘I fell in love ‘ but that’s not true, You can never” fall ” in love .You will only rise in love.

We are waiting for our “Special person ” that we don’t see the love that is floating in bundles around us from our mom, dad, siblings and friends .I do believe in “Special person ” but here I have my theory – If that person is destined to be in your life, somehow it’s gonna happen. You need not wait for it and definitely you shouldn’t look around. Learn to love yourself. Treat yourself the way you wish to be treated by your special one. Celebrate your independence. And Remember you’re more than enough to be the right one you’re looking for:”)




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