A Friendly reminder to “SELF”

Don’t pent up your emotions. Sometimes bottling your emotions can devast you; it kills you from inside. It feels as if a sharpened dagger is stabbed in your heart, ripping your heart into two, but neither the wound can be seen nor the scar only the stinging pain is felt which kills you every minute.
In such conditions, open up to people, speak up to your dear ones, share your problems with them. Let them know your insecurities. Sharing your problems doesn’t lessen your problems but atleast it makes you feel lighter. Some of us might be strong enough to deal with our problems all alone but all are not that strong. There are people who fail to hold themselves when shattered. They might appear normal to the world but they’re the ones walking under the cloud of gloom and deep inside they are fighting a battle, a losing battle with their own selves and are most likely to end up taking wrong step.

Sharing your problems with others make you feel lighter. But what if you have no one to talk to? No one to share your problems with? Then you look at yourself in a mirror and talk with that person- the person breathing in and out infront of you in the mirror never gave up on you. Yes, That person is You and You are destined to live. Let that person know that, this isn’t your fault and you will LIVE. You are being loved and Your life matters. You will see days full of sunshine and happiness and smiles !! You will live to see things getting better!!

If you’re unable to express your emotions through words then voice them in some other way. Pen down your feelings in a peice of paper, write a poem or grab an instrument and humm your favourite song, you’ll see the beats of your instrument reciprocate your inner thoughts. Make a painting of your choice or dance to your favourite rythm. All of us are different and we all have different likes and interests. Do a thing of your choice. Do something that makes you happy. Instead of grumbling about how unfair life is, invest all your energy in a positive direction into doing something fruitful. Follow your heart.

Writing a poem or singing a song will not lessen your problem for sure but I bet it’ll certainly fill you with the confidence to tackle the situation. Mark my words. It will heal your heart and give you a postive mindset. And once you regain your self confidence and self belief no force on this earth can stop you from accomplishing your dreams.

If you think that it’s only you who has been wronged by life then you’re mistaken. Everyone has their own share of perils and problems in life. Life is not just a bowl of cherries. Stay strong and brace yourself for the coming hardships.
You have seen beautiful days in the past and you will see it again. Don’t get disheartened. As after every dark night comes a beautiful morning similarly after every hardship comes good times. Cheer up and welcome the day with a broad grin. Be optimistic and look at the sunny side of everything. Remember You’re beautiful, you’re capable and you deserve all happiness of this world. Good days are on it’s way. Maybe today is just not your day.

Loads of love,
~ Priti

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