A Friendly reminder to “SELF”

Don’t pent up your emotions. Sometimes bottling your emotions can devast you; it kills you from inside. It feels as if a sharpened dagger is stabbed in your heart, ripping your heart into two, but neither the wound can be seen nor the scar only the stinging pain is felt which kills you every minute.
In such conditions, open up to people, speak up to your dear ones, share your problems with them. Let them know your insecurities. Sharing your problems doesn’t lessen your problems but atleast it makes you feel lighter. Some of us might be strong enough to deal with our problems all alone but all are not that strong. There are people who fail to hold themselves when shattered. They might appear normal to the world but they’re the ones walking under the cloud of gloom and deep inside they are fighting a battle, a losing battle with their own selves and are most likely to end up taking wrong step.

Sharing your problems with others make you feel lighter. But what if you have no one to talk to? No one to share your problems with? Then you look at yourself in a mirror and talk with that person- the person breathing in and out infront of you in the mirror never gave up on you. Yes, That person is You and You are destined to live. Let that person know that, this isn’t your fault and you will LIVE. You are being loved and Your life matters. You will see days full of sunshine and happiness and smiles !! You will live to see things getting better!!

If you’re unable to express your emotions through words then voice them in some other way. Pen down your feelings in a peice of paper, write a poem or grab an instrument and humm your favourite song, you’ll see the beats of your instrument reciprocate your inner thoughts. Make a painting of your choice or dance to your favourite rythm. All of us are different and we all have different likes and interests. Do a thing of your choice. Do something that makes you happy. Instead of grumbling about how unfair life is, invest all your energy in a positive direction into doing something fruitful. Follow your heart.

Writing a poem or singing a song will not lessen your problem for sure but I bet it’ll certainly fill you with the confidence to tackle the situation. Mark my words. It will heal your heart and give you a postive mindset. And once you regain your self confidence and self belief no force on this earth can stop you from accomplishing your dreams.

If you think that it’s only you who has been wronged by life then you’re mistaken. Everyone has their own share of perils and problems in life. Life is not just a bowl of cherries. Stay strong and brace yourself for the coming hardships.
You have seen beautiful days in the past and you will see it again. Don’t get disheartened. As after every dark night comes a beautiful morning similarly after every hardship comes good times. Cheer up and welcome the day with a broad grin. Be optimistic and look at the sunny side of everything. Remember You’re beautiful, you’re capable and you deserve all happiness of this world. Good days are on it’s way. Maybe today is just not your day.

Loads of love,
~ Priti

Shattered hopes💔

I act like I’m okay but
deep inside I’m drowning;
Drowning in the sea of my own thoughts;
Sinking in the stream of my growing lonliness.

You shipwrecked all my hopes
Like a wrecked ship deserted in an endless ocean,
I’m Struggling to calm the voices arguing in my head,
They don’t listen me anymore.

Do you listen to the moans of my stranded soul?
They’re enveloped in your endless grasp.
Can you feel them?
Do you hear them repeatedly calling out to you?

How do I make my heart understand ,
My sobs will no longer make any difference to you
That you’ll never come to my rescue;
No matter however hard I may screech
Not even an echo will reach out to you.


To the Poet in me,

When the world is against you, make sure your pen stands by you. Let your untold emotions find their way through your verses. Let the flow of your pen show it’s magic to the world. Let your poems captivate the readers by it’s spell. Let your quotes pull the strings of their hearts. Mesmerize them your words.

Whether your work gets noticed or not, whether you receive the desired appreciation or not, just keep penning your thoughts. Jot down your heart. Pour out your unuttered emotions. Scribble for yourself. Write because you love writing and not for the sake of others.

Let them mock at you words, you stand rock solid with your verses. Let your imagination soar high. Let your words find a new sky❤.


Holi delicacies ❤ Drooling over your favourite holi dishes, just have a look here

Holi, the spring festival or the festival of colours is enjoyed across the country with much pomp & gusto.This joyous occasion marks the beginning of spring and symbolizes the triumph of good over evil, it’s a beacon of hope, love and merriment.
When we talk of holi we also talk of the extravagant spread of food from across India
On this occasion , people prepare a lot of delicacies like gujiya, malpua, dahi bhalle, gulabjamun, thandai, kachori, pakore and what not to treat their loved ones. People visit houses of their loved ones and relish these savory dishes.

There are several dishes prepared on holi but holi is incomplete without Dahi vada, malpua and gujiya. These traditional dishes form a essential part of almost every household on the Holi evening. Dahi vada and Malpua being my personal favourite.

Dahi vada, the perfect blend of curd and spices, this savory dish finds it’s place in every house. Served with green chutney or sweet tamarind chutney, this mouth watering dish is sure to win hearts. It is so delicious, just melts in one’s mouth. If you haven’t tried yet, go for it. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Malpua, the other savory dish without which holi is incomplete. Hailing from a Bengali family, malpua has always been my favourite. Even though Malpua is a generic Indian sweet which every region prepares differently, the Bengali version stands apart with a distinct taste of fennel and its crispiness. In the Northern parts of India Malpua is made out of khoya and maida whereas in Bengali household suji or semolina is used instead. The crispness and flavour, ahh just love it. This will surely let your guests swoon.

Gujiya, the classic Holi dessert is a must on this auspicious occasion. With delicious stuffings and a crispy outer layer, fried or baked, this dessert is one that you absolutely need to prepare and share with your friends and family members.

Crispy and crunchy matar kachoris and Kachoris with aloo stuffings are also popular in holi. They are generally consumed with mithi chutney or green chutney. They are a must for this occasion.

And how can we forget ” gulabjamun “, the most loved sweet dish all over the country. On this occasion also it is relished with the same love. Soft, spongy gulabjamuns from Mom’s kitchen are something that always leaves us in awe. Another amazing sweet dishes relished on this day are Narkel naru (coconut ladoo), Besan ke ladoo , rasmalai, jalebi etc.

When you think of Holi, thandai will surely cross your mind. Prepared using milk and an assortment of spices, this beverage is sure to make you feel refreshed in the spring sun while playing with colours.

Being a Bengali my love for non veg is never ending and when it comes to festivals we never comprise with non veg. Mutton, which is widely consumed on the occasion of Holi, in most parts of north India is likely to command premium price during the festival of colours. Chicken is also equally on demand. Ever tried Mutton kassa or chicken kassa along with cold drinks ? If not then you should, I bet you’ll love it.

In Jharkhand and Bengal mutton dhuska is quite common while the Oriyas make chakuli pitha for Holi. Puran Poli, again a very unique dish mainly in Maharashtrian houses, is a part of the festive food.
Basically Holi is a festival of merriment and spending quality time with your family and loved ones. It’s also a festival of relishing mouthwatering dishes.
May this Holi paint the canvas of your life with colours of joy, prosperity and love. A very happy and a colourful Holi to everyone and don’t forget to mention in comments your favourite holi dishes.

~ Priti

Dol Poornima or Dol jatra (the swing festival)

Dol Jatra—the festival of colours—is predominantly celebrated in the states of West Bengal, Odisha, and Assam with much love and enthusiasm. Dol Jatra or Dol Purnima is celebrated on a full moon day and is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Shrimati Radharani. The day also marks the last festival of the year as per the Bengali calendar. In 2021, Dol Jatra is celebrated on the 28th of March.
The festival is also known ‘Dol Purnima’ or the ‘Swing Festival’. The festival is celebrated in a dignified manner by placing the idols of Krishna and Radha on a picturesquely decorated palanquin which is then taken round the main streets of the city. The devotees take turns to swing them while women dance around the swing and sing devotional songs. Throughout the procession men keep spraying coloured water and colour powder, ‘abir’ at them.

According to the myth, on this day, Lord Krishna expressed his affection for Radha. Hence, people celebrate the reunion of Krishna and Radha by parading their decorated idols in a swinging palanquin. Coloured powder or “Abir” (as it’s known in Bengal, Assam, and Bihar) is smeared on the idols of Krishna and Radha while the chants of “Hari Bol” keep the procession lively.

In Vrindavan and Mathura, where Lord Krishna grew up, the festival is celebrated for 16 days (until Rangpanchmi) in commemoration of the divine love of Radha for Krishna. Lord Krishna is believed to have popularized the festival by playing pranks on the gopis here. Krishna is believed to have complained to his mother about the contrast between his dark skin complexion and Radha’s fair skin complexion. Krishna’s mother decided to apply colour to Radha’s face. The celebrations officially usher in spring, the celebrated season of love.

How is Dol celebrated?

Milk items are prepared, including home-made butter, cream, malpua and panchamrit, and are offered to people belonging to every class of the society. For Bengalis, the festival is all the more important because it marks the birthday of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu—the popular and revered Vaishnavi Saint who brought modern “sankartina” to Bengal and Odisha. His kirtan, which is still popular even in the 21st century praised Hari (as Mahaprabhu called Krishna) as a loving remembrance.

The first day of Dol Jatra is known as “gondh”. As per mythological texts, on this day, Lord Krishna prepares to visit Ghunucha’s place (one of the wives of Krishna). Devotees indulge in a bonfire in front of the “kirtan ghar” or prayer house. The idol of Krishna is then carried around the bonfire. Customary rituals are performed in the prayer house.

The second day is known asBhor-Deul or Dol. It’s similar to Holi where people indulge in smearing colours on each other. Throwing water balloons, smearing Abir”, or using “pichkaris” to spray coloured water is common. However, this day is best known for championing the spirit of unity. Though it’s predominantly a Hindu festival, people belonging from other religions too can participate in Dol. Sweets, especially Rasgullas are prepared in most households. Visiting relatives’ or friends’ house is a customary tradition that’s followed on this day. The younger lot pay respect to the elders by placing a pinch of “abir” or coloured powder in front of their feet. In return, elders bless them with prosperity and happiness.

The third day of Dol Jatra is similar to that of the second day. The fourth day of Dol is called Sueri. It’s believed that on this day Lord Krishna goes back to his house from Ghunucha’s place. A procession marking the return of Lord Krishna is arranged with hundreds of devotees participating in what amrks the end of the festival. People throw coloured powders on one another s celebrations galore.

The festival is seen as a symbol of unity and happiness. Celebrated in the eastern and north-eastern states of India, Dol Jatra remains as a popular festival among Bengalis. In rest of the India it is celebrated as Holi.

Let this holi wash off all the negativities and paint you in the colour of joy😍

Words of wisdom by Priti

Let not the shadows of your past, darken the doorsteps of your future. Hold no grudges against the past, let the joy of today wash the affliction of yesterday 💕.


Fear is the wall standing between your courage and your goal. Once you climb off the wall and break out off the shell of your insecurities, you’re already there halfway❤.


If you cannot encourage someone by your words atleast don’t rain on their parade. Don’t dampen their spirits by your freaking words ❤.


In the journey of life it’s better to be a loner than to be accompanied by fake friends 💔


The greatest life hack I found is postponing your futile worries and cheering in the present moment💙.


Worry is that alarm clock that keeps ticking every minute for no reason at all.


” Daffodil ” ( a short poem)

Blooming admist the high hills,
The trumpet of Spring is here,
Fluttering and dancing with the breeze
Turning their faces towards the sun beams;
Dressed in golden yellow and Creamy white colour ,
Loading the winds with its enchanting odour
The symbol of hope and new beginnings is here.
The stars of Spring garden and the beauty of March is here.

The gushing warm winds,
Carrying the scent of spring blossoms.
The days growing longer and nights getting shorter,
The weather much pleasant and sunnier.
The hibernating animals coming out of their shells,
In search of their mate ,entralled by their scent.
Birds migrating and animals mating;
The shades of love scattered in the air,
As the festival of colours is here❤.



The crispy cool breeze gently brush past my skin; loaded with enchanting fragrance of night flowers,it was captivating my senses. The air smelt of jasmine and wild flowers. As the night was growing dark, the fragrance also grew stronger and deeper.
The atmosphere was serene and calm. The sky painted with the hues of grey and black. The night blooming flowers were adding to the charm of the night.
The sky was covered with thick blind clouds, with the moon occasionly making its appearance.
The shy evening primerose unfolding it’s beauty in the darkness, to the pale moonbeams and stars that were her constant companion.
A distant owl sitting on the tall Palash tree. The flame of forest as it is most commonly known and the national flower of my state. It’s the tree without which the Spring is not said to arrive. The charm of the tree is so unresistable that one cannot paas by it without having a glimpse.
Humming a hymn, I softly ran my fingers through the petals of the tall crimson dahlia, perhaps the last dahlia of the season. I was taken aback by its beauty. It looked so calm and peaceful.
“There’s something magical in every breath of spring”, I said to myself.”The freshness in the air can be felt. There are good reasons why “Spring” is known as the queen of seasons.”
After a dreary winter, sunlight is the best remedy.Beautiful colors become apparent in many landscapes as flowers come out of hiding and start blooming.
I may skip my evening tea but I never fail to take a brisk evening walk in my terrace garden. It’s so soothing and relaxing to see the old leaves shed and the tiny green leaf making it’s way to the world, buds blooming, leaves fluttering with the breeze, the birds returning to their home with the sunset. Exposure to healing moonlight leads to feelings of awe and peace, along with a greater sense of connection to the universe
I don’t think any other season fascinate me to this extent as ” Spring” does ( expect monsoon). For a nature lover and a poet like me Spring is nothing but a wonderful poem and a soothing lullaby felt only in the lap of nature .

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Just because you’re in Relationship doesn’t means you’re in “LOVE”

Yes you have a girlfriend, you may take her on date, buy her expensive gifts, call each other by cheesy names ,go for movies , you might have even slept together . But does that means that you’re in love ? 

The answer is NO, Simply because you’re in a relationship doesn’t always means you’re in love. Understand that love and relationship are not the two faces of the same coin instead they are two different coins. To love is one thing and to be in relationship in another .They are two separate things. Relationship is a boundation but love is free from all worldy boundations.

Love is the freedom of soul ,peace of mind and joy of heart. If you truly love someone being or not being in relationship does not matters. In relationship you’ll have breakup, patch up, dating and what not but in love there are no such terms and conditions. Rather you can say love has no definition. It is not of the world of form. Even if you fight , even if you never get to see your partner or may be your love is one sided, your Love maybe incomplete but it makes you complete.

Love is timeless. It is who we are after our bodies disintegrate and all the stars go in the sky, it is what that remains.

You don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy or feel loved. Understand this. I’m sure it’s a beautiful feeling to have someone to love you and take care of you. Those midnight texts and warm hugs may be comforting but that doesn’t means that you go around searching for that special one and then randomly step into someone and enter a so called “Relationship “.

Everyone is getting into relationships and everyone wants to be in one. And the main reason behind this is loneliness. You see your friends and cousins dating someone . Busy with their bf/gf. You too feel  the the urge of having someone in you life and this loneliness drives you into the trap. You aren’t considered grown up if you haven’t had bf/gf in your life at least for once. But at the end everything is just fake, the love and the promises.

Being single does not bother me anymore, being in relationship but not being in love does,and that’s what I fear. I know people who are in relationship for the sake of being in it, I know people who think it’s cool to have a bf/gf  to remind you that you’re being loved. I also know people who are entrapped in a relationship. Of course there are people who are happily together but there are people who are together just to flaunt their togetherness. There are also people who in order to prove their so called “Love” blackmail their partner emotionally .They do not hesitate in causing harm to themselves, attempting suicide, cutting their wrist in the name of love. And their partner might think that it’s very cool and this guy is ready to give his/ her life for me so she loves me truly. But wait, is it love?

No this is Obsession not love, This simply shows your immaturity and not, courage .Mark my words.Love never takes life but it gives us a new life, it makes life worth living. It is very easy to finish your life and get rid of all troubles and pains but it takes guts to live for your Love. To sacrifice your Love. Not everyone can do it. Secondly if you do not love yourself ,you’re ready to kill yourself then you can never love anyone else. Think about it.

Love never kills, expectations does. In true love there should be no expectations. Nothing to win and nothing to lose. You cannot force someone to be in your life, if he really loves you he’ll surely come to you. People say ‘I fell in love ‘ but that’s not true, You can never” fall ” in love .You will only rise in love.

We are waiting for our “Special person ” that we don’t see the love that is floating in bundles around us from our mom, dad, siblings and friends .I do believe in “Special person ” but here I have my theory – If that person is destined to be in your life, somehow it’s gonna happen. You need not wait for it and definitely you shouldn’t look around. Learn to love yourself. Treat yourself the way you wish to be treated by your special one. Celebrate your independence. And Remember you’re more than enough to be the right one you’re looking for:”)